My Pretty Zombie

My Pretty Zombie has been reviewed by many bloggers and seems to be a common "must-try" indie shop, so I finally ordered when they added a gorgeous new blush to the collection {more details below}. The overall theme of the company is obv zombies. And drugs. And various afflictions. But in a classy way {if that makes sense}. Take a look at the shop and the product details to get the overall feel for the company.

:::  THE SPECS  :::

My Pretty Zombie offers full-size loose eyeshadows for $5.00/each, sample shadows in baggies or jars {in sets of three} and both full-size and sample-size blushes, with the full sizes at $8.00 for a 15-gram container with sifter. U.S. Shipping is $1.25 for the first item and $0.25 for each additional item, and the TAT is average/normal — I received my products after about seven business days. But take note during the holidays, when the TAT is usually extended a bit to accommodate the extra sales {this is usually the case for most indie sellers during the holidays}.

My order consisted of a full-size MDMA Blush and a set of three eyeshadow samples in Gangrenous, My Pretty Zombie and Lady Killer. I was also sent two freebie samples of Rabies and Moist.

 :::  THE PICTURES  :::

*All swatches done over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Cottage Cheese. Click to enlarge images.*

{The loot}
{Top and bottom of the MDMA Blush}
{The inside of the MDMA Blush, and a flash picture}
{MDMA Blush - Photographed with a flash - Oooooh}
{Moist, Rabies, Lady Killer, My Pretty Zombie and Gangrenous - Natural Light}
{Closer look at Moist and Rabies - Natural Light}
{Closer look at Lady Killer and My Pretty Zombie - Natural Light}
{Closer look at My Pretty Zombie and Gangrenous - Natural Light}
{Photographed with a flash}
{Moist, Rabies, Lady Killer - Photographed with a flash}
{Lady Killer, My Pretty Zombie, Gangrenous - Photographed with a flash}

 :::  THE OPINIONS  :::

I *love* these colors! Between the perfect pink blush with gold afterglow and the bold, multidimensional shadows, I'm really impressed. Moist is very orange, and very opaque. It's no secret that the word "moist" makes me cringe {haha}, but this color sure doesn't! I've never used orange eyeshadow before, so this is a first for my collection. Rabies is a hard color to describe, as I see a few different accents in it depending on the light. It's like a purple-y blue with a teal-ish shift and some hints of silver. Lady Killer is the perfect platinum silver/gray. Some silvers look dull on me, but not this one! Then there's My Pretty Zombie, which is as hot pink as a pink can be. Finally, Gangrenous — another interesting color that changes between blue and green, though I see green as being more dominant.

Over the weekend I placed another order while their Black Friday sale was going on, and picked up full sizes of Law Firm Lamb Cake, Unicorn Pee and Monstrous Industry shadows. I really like the whole theme of this company, their packaging, the ultra-pigmented colors and how lovely the products look when applied. I had no problems blending any of the eyeshadows, and the blush was very easy to make sheer yet noticeable. Are there any other colors you've purchased from MPZ that you consider must-haves? If you haven't already done so, check out their shop! :}

*Note: MPZ has temporarily closed up shop to give their attention to the swell of holiday orders received over the weekend, but keep checking back!

Stay Fabulous!


  1. I already have Unicorn Pee, but I have a Law Firm Lamb Cake on the way, along with a Miasma and two blushes. I'm excited! Unicorn Pee WILL NOT disappoint you!

  2. Oooh, which blushes did you order? I'm really excited for Unicorn Pee {does that sound weird? Haha} -- I've heard quite a few raves about it!