Black Friday Madness!

To all who celebrate it: Happy {belated} Thanksgiving! And to all who participated in Black Friday sales, whether online or braving the crowds in stores, hope you had luck finding all the treasures you were looking for!

On Thanksgiving I took some time to reflect on the many ways in which I'm extremely fortunate, giving thanks for all of the experiences and opportunities I've been blessed with in my life. Along with the obvious focus on family, friends, good health and a great job, I am also thankful for all of the bloggers out there who I've come to really respect and admire over time. I've been inspired by them on more than one occasion, and in a myriad of different ways.

As I mentioned in a Facebook group yesterday, I am so awed by the generosity of indie companies — especially during the holidays, when they offer such amazing deals {like the Black Friday deals that were everywhere yesterday}. Most of these companies already offer affordable prices for quality products in the first place, along with great customer service and a very personable attitude. As consumers, we shouldn't expect these indie companies to take part in Black Friday sales, since they offer so many wonderful things already. However, because these shop owners are great people and extremely generous, many of them offered some crazy Black Friday deals {and some that extend throughout this entire holiday weekend}. Things like this remind me of how much I enjoy shopping indie — not just for the prices and the products, but for the complete customer experience.

On the same note, I took advantage of some truly fabulous deals yesterday, and here's where the bragging begins. :} Look for swatch/review/overview posts for each of them in the future.

:::  Meow Cosmetics - I ordered 33 eyeshadow samples {which I won't list}, two Firefly Blush samples in Glisten and Spark, three Pink Inc Blush samples in Slip, Cotton Candy and Flamingo, and two Taboo Blush samples in Racy and Dirty Talk. Meow offered a Black Friday discount of 20% on all orders, so I saved $8.00!

:::  Persephone Minerals - I ordered 10 eyeshadow samples in baggies, plus three full sizes in Alyks Twinkle, Taupe-less Beach and LE Sugar Coated {from their new holiday collection}. Persephone offered a Black Friday discount of 30%, so I saved about $7 on my order!

:::  Darling Girl Cosmetics - I ordered 10 eyeshadow samples, Holo-Gloss in Check It Out, and her new Kiss Me Tinted Lip Balm in Sugar Rush {which is pink/gold perfection}. Darling Girl offered 20% back in the form of a PayPal refund after the purchase was made, and I saved about $4 on my order!

:::  Stella Starish - I ordered a phenomenal discounted set that only ran for a few hours yesterday afternoon: 20 full-size eyeshadows of your choice for $20! Yep, that's only $1.00 per full-size jar! I snagged a bunch for myself and some for Christmas gifts. Quite a deal for sure.

:::  Dawn Eyes Cosmetics - I ordered 22 eyeshadow samples at $0.50 each, only spending $11.00 total!

So that's an overview of the damage I did yesterday. :} What did everyone else snap up for Black Friday? I'm venturing out to a few stores today, hoping to avoid any crazies that might be left over from yesterday. I'm enjoying my fourth day off from work today, hanging out at my parents' house, and then traveling back home {and back to reality} tomorrow morning. *sigh*

Stay Fabulous!

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