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Fortune Cookie Soap is a company I found while perusing another blogger's product reviews, and immediately noticed the relatively inexpensive prices. I've purchased a limited amount of soap outside of retail-chain body washes and such, so I went into this without much prior knowledge of how to identify "good" products versus stock products or good ingredients versus bad ingredients. I'm learning these things as I go along and take mental notes as I read through discussions on blogs and Facebook. Having said that, I had a good experience with Fortune Cookie Soap, and I'll get more into that right now.

:::  THE SPECS  :::

Fortune Cookie Soap {linked above and HERE} has a user-friendly website with easy navigation, as well as an email contact, customer service phone line and even a place to enter your email address for an instant 10% off coupon {which of course I utilized for my order}. They also have a nice little program that allows customers to submit ideas for products, fragrances, etc, and if the idea is used, the customer gets that product for free.

In regards to the product selection, it's quite extensive and very thorough with content and descriptions. Besides the fortune cookie soap itself, they also sell regular bar soap, lip butter, body butters and scrubs, shampoo bars, bath bombs and more. I didn't question anything when choosing which scents to order, as ingredients are clearly listed for each product, along with a scent description and a very helpful ratings/review section for customer feedback. Fortune Cookie Soap ships domestically (US) and internationally, and for the order I placed I paid $8.35 for priority {domestic} shipping. My order was processed within an hour of submitting it, and it shipped the same afternoon... very quick and efficient. I received it in three days. Here are some more specifics for the actual products I ordered:

:::  Fortune Cookie Soap: Prices range from $2.75 to $3.49 for a single soap, complete with fortune tucked inside. A multitude of different scents to choose from, so there's something for almost everyone. Each soap comes packaged in a wax bag and labeled with the name and ingredients, but for an additional $0.35 you can have the soap packaged in a favor box in your choice of color. The boxes are made of paper, so I would advise against taking it in the shower with you. However, there is a clear favor box option that's made of plastic, which can be used in the shower and costs $0.75. I really like that you have the option of adding on the favor box, especially if you plan to gift anything. I ordered all of mine without favor boxes {so they all came in wax bags}, except for one that I opted to have packaged in the clear plastic box, just so I have one on-hand and can swap out whichever soap I want to use as I use them in the shower. The price seems reasonable for the amount of soap you get and how long it lasts. I'm still working through one that I've been using for two weeks now. The scent lingers on your skin in a subtle way, and so far it hasn't interfered with my perfume {which changes daily}.

:::  Bar Soap: Prices range from $6.75 to $7.95 per product, but they also have sample packages available that include 11 different soap samples that last 4-5 uses each. The full-size soaps come in a variety of shapes and colors, all of which are pretty cute. Just like with the fortune cookie soaps, each product listing includes scent descriptions and ingredient lists. Because I couldn't narrow down which scent I wanted to try, I opted for the sample package. Price-wise, the full-size soaps are a bit on the expensive side compared to similar soap I've seen on sites like Etsy or Artfire, and even some stand-alone soap sites. But price can be somewhat subjective depending on your financial situation.

:::  THE PICTURES  :::

{Everything inside the box.}
{Everything out of the box}
{The 11 bar soap samples in individual baggies with labels}

{The free sample of "Unicorn Farts" whipped cream}
{Pink Power: Raspberries and strawberries - packaged in the clear favor box}
{Lemon Zing: Real lemon essential oils}
{Pink Lemonade: Smells as named, plus pink grapefruit}
{Honeymoon in Paradise: Guava, papaya, pineapple and coconut scents}
{Nature's Chill Pill: the scent of lavender}

{Keep It Clean: only described as a fresh and fruity scent}

 :::  THE OPINIONS  :::

Out of all the fortune cookie soaps, I liked the scent of Nature's Chill Pill and Keep It Clean the most. Lemon Zing and Pink Power were also good scents. I didn't really like Honeymoon in Paradise or Pink Lemonade, though I know others liked Honeymoon in Paradise a lot. In regards to the bar soap samples, you can click to enlarge the image above to see all of the scents I received. Out of the 11 scents, my favorite is Baby Doll, which is scented with lavender and packed with calendula and shea butter. Most of the other samples were decent, but I'm not sure they appealed to my particular taste in fragrances. The one that I didn't like at all was Opium Lemonade, which just didn't mix well as a scent combination for me.
My recommendation would be to order the sample pack for the bar soaps before ordering full sizes, but the fortune cookie soaps are inexpensive enough to take a chance and order whichever scents you're interested in. I'm a big fan of their wide assortment of products, and even though not all of the scents were great, I would order again just to try some new scents and products.

Stay Fabulous!

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