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I found Simply Kendra through another blogger, who posted some lovely swatches of Simply Kendra's eyeshadows. When I visited their website {found HERE} I loved the names of the products as well as a few colors that {up to that point} I hadn't seen before. From what I could gather in a quick Google search, Simply Kendra was a quality indie MMU company, so I went ahead and placed an order.

:::  THE SPECS  :::

Simply Kendra sells a few different products, including eyeshadow, Glitter-Rama glitter, Glitter Affixer, Lip Gloss, Soy Balms and Blush. Prices seem average compared to other companies I've purchased from. Since I only purchased eyeshadows, that's all I can really speak to; however, I'd like to try their blush and a soy balm in the near future. As far as eyeshadows go, you can order $1.00 sample baggies, $3.00 3-gram jars or $5.00 5-gram jars. I opted for all sample baggies, which came with a decent amount of product in each one. I don't see anything mentioned about how much product comes in sample baggies, but it seems to be comparable to most other companies I've purchased from. The selection of colors is pretty interesting, with some color combinations that I thought were unique and some that were quirky. I didn't have any problem picking out products, and after swatching them, I found them all to be very true to their images on the site.

:::  THE PICTURES  :::

*Click pictures to enlarge. All swatches done over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Cottage Cheese.*

{Love the pink zebra tape!}
{Ingredients list enclosed with sample baggies, plus a note and candy}
{All of the samples, plus two freebies}
{First half of the order}
{Ballerina Betty, Aztec Maiden and Ice Storm - Photographed with a Flash}
{Goddess, Glitterbot, Heavy Metal Kitten, My French Boyfriend - Photographed with a Flash}
{The first half again - Photographed with a Flash}
{The second half of the order}
{Yeti, Jealous Jill, Krista and Senorita - Photographed with a Flash}
{Senorita, Naughty Librarian, E=Mc and Poisoned Candy Apple - Photographed with a Flash}
{The second half of the order again - Photographed with a Flash}

:::  THE OPINIONS  :::

My favorites from the bunch were E=Mc, Glitterbot and Senorita. E=Mc is a gorgeous bright pink that really pops against neutrals. Glitterbot may not be a unique color, but it applies very nicely, blends well and feels silky to the touch {though all of the shadows feel the same way}. Senorita was a surprise favorite for me, considering it's more of a neutral. It has a metallic look to it, almost like bronze mixed with pewter, but it looks really great against my fair skin and blue eyes. I plan on ordering a full-size version of Senorita soon, as the sample is almost gone already. :}
I haven't seen much talk about Simply Kendra on the usual blogs I frequent, so I'd love to hear others' experiences with this company, as well as your favorite Simply Kendra colors {if you have any}! Based on my first purchase, I'd definitely recommend this company.

Stay Fabulous!

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