Eccentric Cosmetics - Review | Swatches

*Products featured in this post were provided, for my consideration, by a representative of the company. All opinions contained within this post are my own, and not affected by the receipt of said products.*

Hey lookie! I did something!
Sorry for the wait — I've finally put together a review and swatches of a nice selection of Eccentric Cosmetics eyeshadows. They're quite lovely!

Eccentric Cosmetics is run by Anna, who is based in Australia. The shop can be found on Etsy, and features a great selection of both neutrals and more bold eyeshadows that appeal to a wide variety of preferences. Full sizes are packed in 5-gram jars by volume, with the amount of product ranging between 1.5 and 1.8 grams. Eccentric Cosmetics also has pressed eyeshadows available, in your choice of any of her loose shadow colors! Additionally, there are samples available of eyeshadow primer in clamshells. Shipping will depend on where you're located; obviously less expensive for Australians, and more expensive for international shipping. I recommend checking out the shop details for more information. Current TAT is between 8-13 days, which is pretty quick.

Pricing {as of 5/15/13}: Full sizes are $6.08 USD, while you can also get five sample baggies for the same price, or 10 samples for $12.17.

:::  PICTURES  :::

*All swatches photographed under an OttLite, with the product patted onto Darling Girl Glitter Glue to show the amazing color payoff and sparkle. Click images to see them in all their detailed glory.*

{Extinction Revival is described as a "rich warm
red with metallic green sheen, filled with gold 
sparkles." Not lip safe.}

{Robot Takeover is described as a
"subtle silver sheen over a light navy blue base,
filled with purple sparks." Not lip safe.}

{Digital Love is described as a "light pink base
that changes to a deep pink, and a warm lilac purple.
The sparkling highlights change from aqua to green
depending on the lighting, and the angle." Not lip safe.}

{Oceanic Expeditions is described as a "navy blue
filled with gold and purple sparks." Not lip safe.}

{Galactic Era is described as a "warm brown with
scatterings of gold and silver sparks." Not lip safe.}

{Planetary Living is described as "light baby blue shifts
to a glowing green, then transforms to shimmering pink sheen,
depending upon the angle and how close to the
light the eyeshadow is." Not lip safe.}

{Biological Manipulation is described as a
"metallic coppery rose that shifts to a metallic golden
sheen over an olive green base." Not lip safe.}

{Higgs Boson is described as an "acid yellow base;
the highlights shift to a green/purple/aqua sheen depending
upon the lighting and angle." Not lip safe.}

{Artificial Intelligence is described as a
"purplish red that shifts to a coppery orange, transforms to
a golden green and filled with blue and green sparkles." This is lip safe.}

:::  MY OPINIONS  :::

I noted that all of the colors applied rather flawlessly; each one adhered well to bare skin, eyeshadow primer and glitter glue, with the glitter glue really bringing out the depth and sparkles in every case. Each of the shadows that I used in daily looks held up just as well {if not better} than any other indie cosmetics that I wear. They're smooth, pigmented and a great combination of neutral yet fun colors. A few of them really stood out from the bunch, and I have continued to use them frequently since I received them: Galactic Era, Planetary Living and Artificial Intelligence. Galactic Era is one of my new go-to shades for everyday, work-appropriate looks. Also, if you're a fan of yellow-hued eyeshadows, then I have to make a call-out to Higgs Boson — the green/aqua sheen and sparkles are amazing. While yellow tones make my pale skin look jaundiced, I know a lot of ladies who can {and will} enjoy the multifaceted look of Higgs Boson. Overall, I really love the products I received, and I can easily recommend Eccentric Cosmetics to anyone and everyone who is interested!

Have you tried Eccentric Cosmetics yet? If so, which are your favorites? If not, which ones catch your eye?

Stay Fabulous!


Blog Every Day in May Challenge | Days 4-8

As a reminder, this is the Blog Every Day in May Challenge. So far they've been pretty good writing prompts!
Tomorrow or Saturday I'm hoping to change it up and throw a review/swatch post in the mix.



I'm a proud Beatles fanatic, so I could pinpoint a variety of different song lyrics that "speak" to me or have some special meaning in my life. For instance, the song "Good Day Sunshine" was a song that my good friend Tyler and I sang to each other, which was just an "us" thing. Tyler's life was cut short a little over a year ago, and I just recently found myself able to listen to that song again. It still hurts to hear it, but I'm trying to focus on the happy memories we made around that song.
Anyway, the quote in the image above, for anyone who can't see it, says "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." It's a beautiful, often heartbreaking concept, but it's something I try to remember on a daily basis. Kind of like the quote "You get what you give."


As just about everyone else has said... there are too many to name! I know I'd forget about someone if I tried to list all of those special bloggers who have inspired me, so I won't bother. They're out there, and I hope they know who they are. If not - I'm not being clear enough in my outward adoration! :} I do want to call out Mandy at Prettymaking though. She's an amazing gal, absolutely beautiful, and the way she approaches her blog is exactly what I aspire to do with my own someday. She's also super sweet and very smart. If you don't already follow her, you're seriously missing out. And that pink hair — awesome.


Considering my job is truly "what I do," I'm not sure how to answer this. Obviously blogging is just a hobby for me, and a sporadic one at that. I guess I would say that aside from my career, I'm also a writer and an actress. Not professionally in either respect, but they're the two things I love to do in my free time. They're also two very satisfying creative outlets that have helped me through many tough times in life. The writing I do is anything from blogging to poetry, while the acting is through a local theater ensemble that I'm blessed to be a part of.


This also ties into my "uncomfortable" thing: open, deep bodies of water. I'm terrified of the possibility of drowning. I don't care how unlikely it may be — if I can avoid it, I sure as heck will. I can tolerate rivers, most lakes, and of course pools. But a big lake, like Lake Michigan, or the ocean...no thank you. Being stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean {even on a cruise ship} would be a living hell.

I'm also afraid of most bugs — have been since I was a little Jen. I don't care how harmless one might be. Take that even a step further, and I can say I'm even more afraid of dead flies. Like, the dead flies you might find on a window sill. Yeah, absolutely horrific. I won't try to self-analyze why this is. It just is.

Additionally, I'm afraid of something a bit more common: my friends or family being harmed in any way. I pray for the safety and happiness of my family/friends every chance I get. There isn't much I can do to control something like that, so if I can take some time each day to send some prayers out, then I feel a sense of comfort. The thought of something bad happening to someone I love makes me nauseous.


I couldn't say it any better. :} Surround yourself with the people who love you exactly as you are. I hate to use the old cliche that "life is short," but it's true. Too short to be around people who drag you down.

On that note... have a great night {or morning, depending where you are}!

Stay Fabulous!


Blog Every Day in May Challenge | Days 1-3

Since it's already May 8th {yikes!} I decided to compile all of the first seven days' worth of challenges into two posts, and will resume with Day 9 sometime tomorrow.

I first saw this challenge on Mandy's lovely blog, Prettymaking. I tracked it back to the original blogger, Story of My Life, and now I'm participating. :}


This is going to be more than 250 words, just to warn you. Anyway... I was born on a hot August day - my parents always say it was "the hottest day in history" - they're so dramatic, haha. I'll be the big "dirty thirty" this year. I have a brother who is three years younger than me. My parents have been married for 33+ years, and I had a relatively stable and happy childhood, with the usual hiccups along the way that can be attributed simply to "growing up." We lived in a suburb outside of a large metropolitan area, while most of my extended family {aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents} lived about 250 miles away — that was always the hardest part, as our family is extremely close, so I hated leaving them after seeing them over holidays. Cut to post-high school, and I chose to attend college closer to my extended family {though obviously further away from my parents and brother}. I've stayed in the same general vicinity ever since — about 11 years so far. Now my parents have retired and moved in town near me, and my brother just accepted a job as a District Attorney for the county and will be moving here next week! Suffice to say, things are headed in the right direction in regards to my home/family life. On the other side of life is work/school/professional adventures. I have a Bachelor of Arts in English and Political Science, and just recently graduated with my Master's in Business {MBA} emphasizing in Marketing {as of December 2012}. I worked as a Copywriter for about five years before moving into Marketing, where I am now. I'm currently the merchandiser for an online retailer's website, and for the most part I enjoy what I do. :} Beyond that...if you want to know anything else, just ask. I'm enjoying life as much as I can!


I've been trying to think of something simple enough for a blog post, but I'm coming up empty. Most of the things I could teach are a matter of perspective and conceptual thinking, versus concrete themes. Lots of literature topics, politics and business. I do know some things about photography as well, which I've learned from having a father who's a camera pro. With that said, how about I teach you how to take a fantastic picture of a lit Christmas tree using manual camera settings?

This is just basic, and may not apply to every camera out there — but it's more about the settings than anything else. Also, you don't have to own the most expensive equipment to be a great photographer; as I've learned over the years, some people have an "eye" for photography, while others couldn't capture those perfect moments in time with the most expensive camera available. There are plenty of "professional" photographers who lack that creative vision, while plenty of amateurs using point-and-shoots or even iPhones are out taking fantastic photos. And then there's the abuse of programs like Photoshop, iPiccy, etc, and tools like "blur" and "wrinkle eraser" and "shine remover" that make photos look really weird {sometimes terrible} and obviously edited. I think many of the offenders often misjudge their original photos, thinking they look worse than they actually do. Give yourself a little credit!

Step 1: Utilize a tripod. Especially when taking photographs in low light, you'll want your camera to be as steady as possible. As the shutter speed is reduced, there's more time for small movements to be picked up and subsequently ruin your photograph.

Step 2: Turn off all lights in the room, with the exception of the tree lights. Also make sure your flash is turned off. My pictures were all taken late at night, so there wasn't even a subtle light source other than the tree. You may have to adjust some of the settings depending on the lighting situation.

Step 3: For a camera in manual mode, change the ISO to the highest possible number. For me it was 3200.

Step 4: Again in manual mode, slow down the shutter speed to 1/30th.

Step 5: Change the f-stop to 1.8 {this could vary by camera, and you may need to play around with it until it looks good}.

Step 6: Take a few test shots. Often times the display will show an overblown image, but the shots themselves will turn out perfectly. If it doesn't work, play around with the shutter speed as well — you don't lose anything by trying out many different options! Once you find the combination that produces the best photos, start trying out other combinations, just to see how the changes affect the final photo. It's the best way to learn how to use the manual settings - once you understand what a change in any of the settings will do to your picture, you can do just about anything!

That's it! Here's one of mine from 2012 - the only things edited in this photo were the contrast {increased a bit} and the saturation {also increased a bit}. The lights, the glow on the wall - all straight out of the camera.

{Christmas 2012 - ISO 3200 | f/1.8 | ss 1/30th} 


Open bodies of water make me uncomfortable. Borderline terrified. I have a fear of drowning, so being near large lakes or the ocean...yeah. Not a great feeling. It's not a paralyzing fear, just makes me feel really uncomfortable. If I had to go out on the water in a boat, I'd guess it would escalate to fear.

Here's one that has come up many times recently, and is kind of random: being put into a one-on-one situation with someone who you just had a dream about the night before. As in, *that* kind of a dream. Whether I'm attracted to the person or not, it makes for an awkward situation. It's more uncomfortable because it's only uncomfortable for me — the other person is completely oblivious. And yes, as I said, it's happened quite a few times in recent weeks. Haha. So weird.

I can't think of anything else at the moment, so I'll leave it at that.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of my often long-winded responses. If you aren't already, please join the challenge! You don't have to go back and do all of the previous days — just start from today and enjoy giving us all a glimpse of the person behind the blog!

Stay Fabulous!


The Return

Happy Tuesday!

I'll get right to it - I wasn't sure if I was ready to return to blogging yet, but after seeing a lot of fun things on other blogs I follow, I decided it was time to return in one way or another. I miss the creative outlet, but I'm still pretty busy between my work and home life, and can't commit to a regular blogging schedule yet. My last post was in January - that's a shame. However, I came across this Blog Every Day in May challenge, read a few other bloggers' posts, and figured this was the opportunity I needed to get back into some kind of routine.

I don't think I'll be quite as focused on swatches and reviews like I was before; I'd like to open it up to a wider range of topics, from beauty to fashion, books, movies, music, photography and a few more personal-type topics. I do have a back-log of reviews and such to complete in the next few months, but those will come along in time. Also, as you've probably noticed, I updated the overall look of the blog to be more clean and feminine, and allow for the focus to be on the posts themselves, without a lot of distraction. Feedback is always welcome! I'm liking it a lot more than my old design, though I've kept it relatively simple. Change can be a good thing. :}

So...for what it's worth, stay tuned for more - including the first few topics in the Blog Every Day in May Challenge.

Stay Fabulous!