Persephone Minerals

Persephone Minerals — what can I say? This indie MMU company knocks my socks off. Keep reading and take a look at the swatches to see why.

:::  THE SPECS  :::

 Persephone Minerals primarily sells loose shadows, with the exception of their Mystical Highlight powders and Stardust Shimmers. Full-size shadows are $5 for 3-gram jars packed full. You can also buy them in sets, or get sample sets that are either your choice of colors or specific collections. One notable element of the Persephone shop is the Sailor Senshi collection, which consists of a number of themed sets that you buy together {versus picking and choosing individual colors from the sets}. However, there is a sample option that allows you to pick colors from the Sailor Senshi collections to mix and match to your preference. U.S. Shipping is $3.00 for the first item and $0.01 for each additional item. International Shipping is only one dollar extra. Each color listing features a color description and ingredients list for your reference.

My order was a small one to start, as it was my first one with Persephone. I ordered the 10 baggie samples for $10, and received two sample baggies as extra freebies, which is always a nice surprise.

:::  THE PICTURES  :::

*All swatches done over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Cottage Cheese. Click to enlarge images.*

{Packaged in a cute gift bag}
{All of the samples laid out}
{L to R: Kyla's Purple, Stage Lights, Stafylia, Cotton Candy, Falling Angel, VIP - Natural Light}
{Closer look at Kyla's Purple and Stage Lights - Natural Light - Really love the glow of Stage Lights}
{Closer look at Stage Lights and Stafylia - Natural Light}
{Closer look at Stafylia and Cotton Candy - Natural Light}
{Closer look at Cotton Candy and Falling Angel - Natural Light}
{Closer look at Falling Angel and VIP - Natural Light}
{Photographed with a flash}
{Closer look - photographed with a flash}
{Closer look - photographed with a flash}
{L to R: Kore, Spirit Realm, Taupeless Beach, Kalifa, Crass Green, Epiphany - Natural Light}
{Closer look at Kore and Spirit Realm - Natural Light - Spirit Realm looks more blue in this one}
{Closer look at Spirit Realm and Taupeless Beach - Natural Light - Spirit Realm looks more green in this one}
{Closer look at Taupeless Beach and Kalifa - Natural Light}
{Closer look at Crass Green and Epiphany - Natural Light}
{Photographed with a flash}
{Photographed with a flash}
{Photographed with a flash}
{Just an extra picture to show off the different duochrome effects}

 :::  THE OPINIONS  :::

Really gorgeous. All of it. Some of these colors have almost indescribable duochrome effects, and they're all just lovely. Spirit Realm, Taupeless Beach and Stage Lights are my top three favorites from the bunch, but it was really easy to work with all of them. Every color adhered well to my primer and base, and stayed put for hours. Overall a really great indie company! Have you used Persephone Minerals? If so, which are your favorites? I ordered again on Black Friday, so I have even more fantastic colors coming my way soon — super excited.

Stay Fabulous!


  1. Gorgeous swatches!! All of the colors are amazing.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment! I really enjoyed swatching Persephone. :}