Unique Pigments: A Review/Swatches

I first heard of Unique Pigments when I hosted a Team Pink Eye giveaway that featured their products, back in October. After checking out the site and products I decided to place an order — not just to try out the products, but also to thank them for their Team Pink Eye support.

:::  THE SPECS  :::

Unique Pigments sells on Artfire {HERE}, and their shop includes loose eyeshadows and hair accessories {primarily eyeshadows though}. For $4.50 you get one 5-gram jar with a sifter, or you can opt for one of their custom collections. Shipping to the U.S. is $2.75 for the first item and $0.05 for each additional item. Shipping to Canada is $5.00 with no additional charges, and International shipping is $6.00 with no additional charges. I received my items about 7 business days after placing the order. *Note: At the time of my order, samples in clamshells were being offered. I don't see sample listings in their shop at the moment, but I'm not sure if they're gone for good or otherwise.
I didn't have to contact the seller for any reason after ordering, but I've heard the customer service is good. My order included an extra little goodie — the Susan G. Komen pin — and an extra clamshell sample in Nuke 'Em High.

 :::  THE PICTURES  :::

*Swatched over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Cottage Cheese. Click images to enlarge.*

{Everything was packaged nicely}
{Inside the black taffeta bag the clamshells were shrink-wrapped tight to avoid any shipping mishaps, which I appreciated}
{The extra Pink for the Cure pin was packaged in the cute bag on the right}
{All of the samples with the company logo on the top}
{Bottom labels}
{Natural Light - L to R: Blurple, Hollywood, Pcockery, Perfection, Viridian, Nuke 'Em High}
{Natural Light - Blurple is one of my favorites}
{Natural Light}
{Natural Light}
{Natural Light}
{Flash - L to R: Blurple, Hollywood, Pcockery, Perfection, Viridian, Nuke 'Em High}
{Flash - Blurple, Hollywood, Pcockery}
{Flash - Perfection, Viridian, Nuke 'Em High}
{Another Flash picture}
{Natural Light - L to R: Heliotrope, Synergy, Glitterati, Chaitastic, Groupageddon}
{Natural Light}
{Natural Light - Chaitastic is a great neutral with a lovely shimmer/sparkle}
{Natural Light}
{Flash - L to R: Heliotrope, Synergy, Glitterati, Chaitastic, Groupageddon}
{Flash - Heliotrope, Synergy, Glitterati}
{Flash - Glitterati, Chaitastic, Groupageddon}

 :::  THE OPINIONS  :::

As mentioned in one of the picture captions, Blurple is one of my favorites. I also love Chaitastic as a great neutral with a sassy appeal. I had no problem working with any of these colors; little to no fall-out, blendable and easy to build up the color for a more opaque look. I have no complaints whatsoever!

Stay Fabulous!

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