Christmas is my hands-down favorite holiday. I start organizing my decorations, lights, ornaments and other novelty items before Thanksgiving, and this year I even bought wrapping paper as soon as Target had their holiday section open {in October}. The tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving {another reason I like fake trees more than real trees — they last the whole holiday season. And I hate the smell of pine.} and I start scouting the Sunday paper and email promotions for great gift ideas. Beyond that, I like to do themes each year, whether it's a candy cane theme {white lights and red ornaments on the tree, red and silver/white gift wrap, candy cane outdoor lights, etc} or a retro Christmas theme like I'm doing this year. "Retro" Christmas means bright colors — not the traditional shades of red, green, blue and yellow. Instead, it's bright pink, turquoise, lime green and a few other random colors. Mainly the pink and green though. So, naturally, I had to buy Christmas cards that fit with the theme, as well as wrapping paper, bows, gift bags, decor, and so on. Now that I have everything I need for my retro Christmas, and the tree is up and decorated... I'm stuck.

I can't seem to find the motivation to finish my Christmas experience. Everything is purchased, including 90% of the gifts. It's all sitting in the extra bedroom, in piles depending on purpose: house decor in one pile, Christmas gifts that need to be wrapped and beautified in another pile, five stacks of empty boxes to pack gifts in and a pile of Christmas things I don't need anymore. I walk past the extra bedroom multiple times every day and I still haven't started these projects. Now that I'm done with class until after the new year, I really have no excuse. Last night was my first "free" night after completing class, and instead of doing something productive, I wasted time on my computer looking at a multitude of random things {Pinterest really sucks me in!}. I just don't understand where my Christmas spirit went? Is it because I'm getting older {I'm only 28}? Because I'm single and don't have a family of my own? That's never stopped me before. Today I wanted to get my remaining Christmas shopping done on my lunch break, but I keep talking myself out of it with nonsense excuses. I *love* buying things for others, whether it's birthdays or Christmas — so where did my darn motivation go?! I know that once I get out there and am actually doing it, I will enjoy it. Same with wrapping gifts and finishing decorations — I love wrapping gifts and making them look all crafty and pretty, and I love decorating. I know I'll be glad when I'm actually doing it, but taking the next step to begin doing it is awfully difficult this year. It's a funk, and it's time I get myself out of it. Hence why I've dubbed this post "Holi-Daze," feeling like I'm just going through the motions in a daze. Must. Snap. Out of it.

On a positive note, I'm *very* happy with my Christmas tree this year. I finally have a nice camera with manual options, so I was able to learn a few new things and capture some lovely pictures. And with that, I leave you with pretty pictures. :}

{The tree in all its glory}
{Close-up of the lights using a slow shutter speed and longer exposure}
{Pink, silver and sparkles}
{One of my two cats - Lucky - Peek!}

Stay Fabulous!

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