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This blog is certainly sporadic — a week without any posts, and now two posts in one day. But, nothing is 'routine' about my life, and as a result, this blog is anything but consistent. And I'm okay with that.

So there's a lot going on this week in many different areas. In an attempt to cover it all, I'm going to skip all over the place and hope you'll join me. :}

:::  The Bachelorette  :::

Yeah, you read that correctly. I watched the most recent season of "The Bachelorette," which ended last night. Boy, was this the wrong season to follow. I had watched a few seasons in the past, mainly for some mindless entertainment. Emphasis on the mindless. However, this season didn't have a single episode that didn't annoy the heck out of me. The Bachelorette herself, Ashley {lovingly referred to by many as "Trashley"}, was boring, irritating, nve, immature and anything but classy. In most cases, the guys on the show were too good for her, and some of the really great guys were sent home too early, in favor of a handful of guys who were, well, uber boring. Most of the dates were lackluster compared to past seasons, and overall, Ashley just didn't make a good Bachelorette. After every show this season, the blog "Daydream Believer" posted a witty, sarcastic yet completely accurate synopsis/response, complete with plenty of ridicule and humor. I highly recommend her blog: Daydream Believer.

:::  Tumblr  :::

W T F  is Tumblr anyway? I clicked a link on the Ann Taylor website that took me to their Tumblr page, which looked somewhat like a blog, but with lots of pictures as the posts. So, I went to the main Tumblr site to create an account and see where it would take me. And, that ended up being... nowhere. Now that my account is active, I have no idea what to do with it. If it's just supposed to be like a blog, then obviously I don't need it. But I'm guessing it's meant for some other use, and I just have no idea what that may be. So, my Tumblr page remains a template with no content, as I scratch my head and continue to think "wtf."

:::  The Happiness Project  :::

I saw a book called The Happiness Project advertised in a magazine {Marie Claire, I think}, and Lord knows I'm always looking for things that will make me happy. So I bought it for under $10 Amazon.com, and just started reading it today. The summary from the Happiness Project website:

The Happiness Project is one of the most thoughtful works on happiness to have emerged from the recent explosion of interest in the subject. Rubin weaves together philosophy, scientific research, history, analysis, and real-life experiences as she explains what worked for her—and what didn’t. Her conclusions are sometimes counter-intuitive – for example, she finds that money can buy happiness, when spent correctly – but they resonate with readers of all backgrounds.
Filled with practical advice, sharp insight, charm, and humor, The Happiness Project manages to be illuminating yet entertaining, profound yet compulsively readable. But The Happiness Project isn’t just an engaging and provocative book. Gretchen’s passion for her subject jumps off the page, and reading a few chapters of this book will inspire you to start your own happiness project.”

Aw, now isn't that nice? I think it'll be a nice break from my usual psychological thrillers and disturbing memoirs. :}

:::  The Debt Ceiling Drama  :::

I assume everyone knows what this is, since you can't go online, listen to the radio or watch TV without seeing/hearing something about it. However, my focus isn't on the politics involved with this situation, but instead, the image of hope that was portrayed last night, in the midst of all the divisiveness and political pandering.
This article from the Huffington Post explains it: Gabrielle Giffords' Debt Ceiling Vote

Gabrielle Giffords. What an amazing recovery this woman has made so far. And it's not just about her recovery, but also how passionate she is about her constituents, the state she represents, and America as a whole, all of which gave her the strength and will to travel to D.C. for the first time since that terrible day so that she could ensure that her state had a voice in this historic vote. The video of her receiving applause from her colleagues brought tears to my eyes {and still does} — not only because of everything she's overcome, but also because it's one of those few times in America when you see politicians forgetting about themselves for a few moments, coming together as a UNITED States, and showing appreciation and support for someone regardless of political affiliation. It may have only been for a few minutes, but it was one of those defining moments when a person could finally feel... hope.

:::  The Lincoln Lawyer  :::

I had some rare free time over the past weekend, and watched the movie "The Lincoln Lawyer," starring Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Phillippe, Marisa Tomei and one of my favorite actors {the ridiculously gorgeous} Josh Lucas. Click that link behind his name. Look at those eyes. *swoon* Anyway, the movie received some good reviews in Entertainment Weekly and on a few different blogs, so I expected it to be somewhat decent. I was really happy with the storyline and the acting — it was something different, but not unrealistic or overdone. I've watched other movies within the last few weeks, but none of them were quite as good as this one. Matthew McConaughey plays a skeezy lawyer rather well. :}

I think that's enough randomness for one day.
Stay Fabulous!

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