The Everyday Opinionista Has a New Layout!

If you're currently reading this on the blog {as opposed to in an email version}, you probably already noticed the new layout/background. I decided it was time for an update, trying to refresh the look of the blog as I now try to expand and "attract" more followers {that's the hope, at least}. One of the other beauty blogs I follow uses a template from The Cutest Blog on the Block, and I really liked it, so I had to see what this blog template designer had to offer. In one word: LOTS! :} I had a hard time narrowing my favorites down to one final choice, but in the end, I felt that the one I chose was most representative of my overall blog concept, as well as my personality. Lots of pink, a chic black pattern, and of course, some sparkle. I {l o v e} it! I still have some tweaks to make to the font colors and such, and most of the older blog posts haven't been updated with the right colors yet {so they're somewhat hard to read}, but it's definitely a start. If you notice any problems on your end, such as fonts that don't look right, anything that's hard to read, something sized funny, please let me know. I'm obviously only looking at it from one computer, so it could look very different on another computer. But, *fingers crossed* that the blog is headed in the right direction!

Stay Fabulous!

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