Scaredy Cat Cosmetics: A Review

A while back I placed orders with a handful of different indie MMU companies and Etsy sellers to see what's all out there as far as mineral makeup. Scaredy Cat Cosmetics is a seller on Etsy that caught my eye with its super-cute sample "vials."

:::  The Specs  :::

Scaredy Cat offers two different options for their shadows: sample vials, or their customized 3-gram sifter jars that hold 1.5-2 grams of product. The sifter jars feature different designs for each color, which I think is a cool idea and really thought-out. This seller has a very strong brand story and overall concept, which is refreshing. Some of the colors are vegan, while others aren't, but it's clearly noted on each product's description page, along with the ingredients. Each product description page also describes the color of the pigment, which areas of the face it can be used on, and shows pictures of the pigments in the jar, on a model and a close-up shot of the product.
The sample vials come with a generous 1/4-teaspoon of product, and they're packaged in baggies so you can dump the product into the baggies if you prefer that to the vials. I only ordered the vials, not the full-size jars, so I can't speak to those jars. From the pictures they look professional and as I would expect from any MMU company.
Since I received my order back when I wasn't documenting specifics like shipping and packaging, I don't recall how the sample vials arrived, though I believe they were packed nicely in a bubble mailer.

:::  The Pictures  :::

Sample Vials: Muertos, Smooze, Teal Deer, Don't Be Koi, Unicorn Breath


And in case you're interested in the full-size jars, here's a picture of the Muertos jar, borrowed from Scaredy Cat Cosmetics' Etsy shop:

Picture courtesy of Scaredy Cat Cosmetics on Etsy {love the triangle-shaped jars!}

:::  The Products  :::

I purchased the 5 for $5 sample vials. The colors, in my opinion, are:
(1) Sample Vial of Muertos — A shimmery black that's great when used as a liner.
(2) Sample Vial of Smooze — A lovely violet with just enough shimmer and vibrancy.
(3) Sample Vial of Teal Deer — A subtle yet substantial teal with a touch of silver.
(4) Sample Vial of Don't Be Koi — A coppery, rich metallic gold that really makes blue eyes pop.
(4) Sample Vial of Unicorn Breath — A fresh white with magical shimmer.

As mentioned, the sample vials were 5 for $5, and the shipping was $2.50, so I paid a total of $7.50 for my order. It was processed, shipped and received in a very timely manner. Full-size jars in their shop are $5, which is about average for price.

:::  The Opinions  :::

The colors that I received seemed to be very accurate to the way they were shown and marketed on their site. Unicorn Breath began as my favorite of the bunch, but now I'm quite partial to Don't Be Koi and Smooze, both of which work well with my fair skin and blue eyes. I usually wear Don't Be Koi as a light sweep of color as opposed to more opaque, and Smooze I wear as an accent or crease color. All of the pigments are very easy to work with, which a small amount of fallout — even when I really blend it and layer it on. Because I'm really digging the sample vials, I have just placed another order this afternoon for the 10 for $10 vials, along with one full-size jar, so I can see what the triangle-shaped jars are like. I'm fond of the different designs that appear on each jar, usually to coincide with the name of the pigment. It's apparent that the owner took a lot of time to really think through their product offerings and overall brand image. I think that's awesome! So I ordered the 10 vials, and the full-size jar of Metamorphosis. I'll plan on doing another review once that order is received.

:::  The Rating  :::

Stay Fabulous!

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