Concrete Minerals: A Review

I had been eying up Concrete Minerals' eyeshadows since I first discovered all of the mineral makeup sellers on Etsy. Finally, I saw that Concrete Minerals started their own website, and they offered a generous 20% discount for their Grand Opening special. I decided to take advantage of the offer and place an order.

:::  The Specs  :::

The full-size shadows come with 1.5 grams of product for $7.00 a piece. This sounded expensive to me, because I'm used to paying $3-$4 a piece for shadows. However, I didn't notice until after I ordered that these jars are much bigger than most of the other brands that I have, with about twice the amount of product, packed to the top. So Concrete Minerals actually offers a great deal on their shadows considering how much product you get for $7.00. I couldn't find the amount of product in the deluxe samples, as the "sample" sticker was covering the net weight. But I would say it's comparable to some other companies' full-size shadows — about .75 grams of product.
The shadows came in baggies, wrapped in pink tissue paper and packaged in a bubble mailer. The jars all had sifter seals, which kept everything clean and sterile. Overall, decent packaging that I would expect.

:::  The Pictures  :::

Packaged with directions and a special discount for a future order

Each jar was labeled with ingredients on the bottom and cute, customized lids

Swatches showing the colors in natural light and photographed with a flash

:::  The Products  :::

(1) Mineral Eyeshadow in Lolita — A shimmering grayish taupe, the perfect neutral shade.

(1) Mineral Eyeshadow in Brat —A bright pink hue with a great shimmer, without being too out-there.
(1) Mineral Eyeshadow in Rocked — Looks light orange in the jar, but applies with a champagne/coral mix that's pretty and unexpected.
(1) Mineral Eyeshadow in LithiumShimmering silver with a metallic sheen.

Along with the 20% off discount, I also got to choose two free deluxe samples, for which I picked Swamped and Wicked. Swamped is almost like an evergreen shade, but with some different undertones. Wicked is a gorgeous blue-violet color that shifts under different lights {this will be my next full-size purchase}.

::: The Opinions  :::

Wouldn't be an Opinionista post without some opinions! Mine are pretty straightforward for Concrete Minerals. The colors are exactly as they're advertised on the website, so there were no surprises when I swatched them. The pigments have lots of staying power and go on smoothly without much fallout. I thought my favorite of the bunch would be Lolita, but I was surprised by Rocked and Wicked, and I think they're my favorites of the bunch. The packaging is very professional, and all email correspondences with Concrete Minerals were friendly and helpful.

:::  The Rating  :::

Stay Fabulous!

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