Silk Naturals Climax Blush

I discovered Silk Naturals way back when, but only recently placed an order when I found out they had a dupe for NARS Orgasm blush. Here are all of the lovely little details. :}

:::  THE SPECS  :::

Since I only purchased one full-size blush, I won't go over everything else that's offered on the Silk Naturals website. They have a lot to look at, so be sure to check it out! The Climax blush that I purchased was the full-size, 10-gram jar for $6.50, with approximately 1.5-teaspoons of product. You can also get a sample size for $1.25, which is 1/8-teaspoon in a 5-gram jar. Shipping for this blush was $4.00, and the posted TAT was two days, which was accurate for my order. I received my order in about 5 business days from the day I ordered.

:::  THE PICTURES  :::

{The jar}
{Photographed in natural light}
{Photographed with a flash}
{Photographed with a flash}
{Photographed in natural light}

:::  THE OPINIONS  :::

Because I don't have NARS' Orgasm to begin with, I can't really compare it to Climax. However, this color is absolutely lovely with my fair skin tone. In the swatch pictures I only swiped a light layer, but the opacity can be built up for a really nice glow. I know many people are on the lookout for a good dupe, so I'd say give Silk Naturals' Climax a try!

Stay Fabulous!

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