Femme Fatale Cosmetics | Swatches - Part 1

I finally finished putting together my Femme Fatale swatches for you! It took forever and a day, since these colors are so complex and amazing - it's hard to capture them in pictures that accurately display their beauty! But, I tried, and here are the results. I have split the swatches into multiple posts, with this being the first.

:::  THE SPECS  :::

Sophie is the owner of Femme Fatale Cosmetics, which is based out of Australia. FFC stormed onto the indie makeup scene within the past year, and has captured many dedicated fans ever since. I count myself as one of them! FFC offers eyeshadows, blushes, illuminators and nail polishes so far. FFC doesn't ship nail polish internationally at the moment, but international customers can still order their nail polish favorites for reasonable prices from FFC's stockists: Harlow & Co and Llarowe are two that I've shopped with before and had good experiences.

Since I have only purchased eyeshadow so far, I'll only speak to these details. You can opt for any of the following:

:::  Sample Baggies - $1.10 for 1/8 tsp
:::  Mini Jars w/Sifter - $3.10 for 3g
:::  Mini Jars w/o Sifter - $3.00 for 3g
:::  Full-Size Jars - $5.75 for 5g

There are also many product sets that offer discounted prices for larger orders.
Shipping obviously depends on where you live; for fellow USA customers, you can expect it to be approximately $11.00 for Air Mail without insurance {orders under $75} and it can take anywhere from 3-15 business days for delivery {after processing}. However, for sample-only orders, FFC ships worldwide for free! All of my orders have arrived within the stated TAT and delivery timeframe. If you have questions about international orders, the FFC website is extremely helpful and easy to navigate, so I suggest starting there. The site is one of the best indie makeup websites out there, from a design and usability standpoint.

:::  THE PICTURES  :::

*All products swatched over Smashbox Photo Finish primer and Darling Girl Glitter Glue. Photographs were taken under an OttLite to capture the true-to-life colors and effects.*

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:::  THE OPINIONS  :::

How could I *not* love these colors?! As you'll see in the coming days, all of the colors I chose from Femme Fatale were fantastic; I broke these posts up into four featured colors at a time, to give each group a fair amount of attention {which they all deserve}. My favorite from this group is Faerie Fire — it's a color I wouldn't think to wear as often, but the duochrome effects are simply amazing. I wear it at least once a week, which is quite often considering the size of my makeup collection. :}

Have you purchased anything from Femme Fatale Cosmetics? What are your favorites? If not, which colors are you most interested in? I may be taking note of others' favorites for a future giveaway, so let me know! :}

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  1. I neeeeeeeed Faerie Fire. I ordered from FFC a while ago but I definitely need to again, very soon. Great swatches!