Baby, Baby...Things.

This isn't a beauty-related post, but I wanted to show off some adorable items I purchased for two of my friends who recently had their first babies. And by "recent," I mean between three and eight months ago. :} So, I have an obvious thing for owls — specifically owls with big cartoon eyes. Realistic owls scare me. I decided to pass along my love for owls by purchasing this cute knit hat for my friend Marisa {well, moreso for her daughter, of course}. I loved how soft it looked, which is important for sensitive baby skin. The price was also quite affordable, and it was shipped very quickly. At the time when I bought it, we didn't know the gender of the baby, so I opted for a neutral gray {almost taupe} yarn with cute yellow details. The seller on Etsy, AmiAmigos, was very friendly and easy to work with. I can't help but smile when I look at the pictures of this hat. :}

At around the same time that I purchased the owl hat, another friend of mine had her baby. I purchased a personalized necklace in addition to a few other baby shower gifts, and I think it turned out quite nicely. I ordered the necklace from Joy Belle Jewelry, which has an abundance of cute personalized jewelry to offer. The shop is on vacation right now, but the Facebook page continues to be updated with new content and items to look forward to after the holidays. Aside from the lovely packaging and attention to detail, the necklace itself was made from thick metal, which should be quite durable. I've ordered personalized jewelry in the past that was too thin, to the point of being able to see the stamps through the back of the pendant. Additionally, Joy Belle's necklace was beautifully polished and in perfect condition when I received it. I worked with the shop owner to customize the gemstones, adding a third gemstone so that the whole family is represented: mommy, daddy and son. She made ordering very simple and straight-forward, and I highly recommend her products.

I'm working on some swatch posts today, hoping to get them up yet this week sometime, so I hope you'll check back for more. :}

Stay Fabulous!

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