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I've been meaning to get back to my blog this week, as I took a much-needed hiatus the last few weeks to focus on school and work. Lots going on, the most important of which revolves around my job/career and my future with my current company. I've been holding my breath for almost a week now, waiting for decisions to be made and for people who know nothing about me to decide my professional future. It's really great. *sarcasm*

So my unplanned hiatus took place right in the middle of my fashion/beauty photo challenge, which means I have a LOT of catching up to do. I'll be picking up where I left off, around day 11 or so. Look for those posts to begin again this week. :} I also have a shitton of reviews and swatches to share, which I'm hoping to have underway yet today. I'd like to have a good amount of them done before classes resume on July 9th. Only three classes left until I have my master's degree, and I'm getting really antsy about it. After December I'll have so much free time for blogging, I won't know what to do with it!

I also want to thank those of you who sent me your positive vibes over the weekend, after I requested happy thoughts via one of the FB makeup groups I'm in. While it's not over yet, and I'm still in need of those good thoughts, it's been much appreciated and I know that it's working. It just has to.

Hope everyone is doing well, with lots of peace and makeup to go around. :}

Stay Fabulous!

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