Chinovi Cosmetics: Review | Swatches

This has been a long time coming! Vanessa, the owner of Chinovi Cosmetics, was looking for some honest feedback on her new company/products a few months back, and offered some nice sample packages to those who were interested. Of course I was interested! I love trying out new companies and watching them grow over time. As far as Chinovi goes, I have a feeling we'll be seeing some great things from this company. :}

This particular package of samples was sent for consideration, and all opinions are solely my own.

:::  THE SPECS  :::

At the moment, Chinovi Cosmetics is offering sample packages in either baggie or clamshell form. I can't wait until Vanessa adds full sizes to her line! In the meantime, you can pick up 8 sample baggies for $5.00 {1/8-tsp}, 13 sample clamshells for $10.00 {1/8-tsp} or 20 sample clamshells for $15.00 {1/8-tsp}. The baggie samples I received contained a gracious amount of product — what I assume is more than 1/8-tsp. It was the same for the clamshell samples I ordered recently. And even if it was exactly 1/8-tsp, the products are certainly worth every penny.

:::  THE PICTURES  :::

Swatched over Darling Girl Glitter Glue. All pics are clickable.
{All of the samples}
{Photographed with a flash}
{Photographed with a flash}

:::  THE OPINIONS  :::

Since this is a new company to many people, I'll be a bit more thorough with my opinions.
As soon as I opened my package, I could tell it was prepared by someone who really paid attention to little details and made sure everything she sent out was pristine in presentation. Starting with the packaging and products in general, I loved the simplicity. A nice pink bag held the sample baggies, along with a handful of business cards for referral purposes. The labels on the baggies are clear and easy to read, as well as informative — all of the ingredients are listed right on the front. Very nice presentation overall.

In terms of the eyeshadows themselves, I loved everything! The samples were picked for me, and they were very accurate in terms of colors I would have picked for myself. The opacity of each color is fantastic, and every single one applied smoothly and evenly on a variety of different bases — I tried them on bare skin, on UDPP, on UDPP + NYX Jumbo Pencil, on UDPP + Glitter Glue — and they looked equally as great each time. I found the best color payoff came from the UDPP + Glitter Glue combination, though some of the shimmery colors looked fantastic layered over just the NYX Jumbo Pencil. Depending on what your needs are in terms of longevity and coverage {I have oily lids and need to use the primer and a base regardless}, these eyeshadows are quite versatile and just lovely to wear.

My favorites out of the bunch are Monster, Fun House and Fun Day. I have some new favorites now after receiving another order recently, but I'll discuss those in a separate post. If you've tried Chinovi, let me know your thoughts! If not, which colors would you be interested in trying out? You never know when I might use the info in a future *giveaway*... ;}

Stay Fabulous!

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  1. 'Whisper', 'Gaga' and 'Monster' look awesome. I'll definitely be trying Chinovi out in the future!