A New Haircare Love: Organix Shampoo

I wasn't planning on doing a post about this, but I love it enough that it's warranted.

Just a short backstory on my hair...
I have naturally wavy and curly hair, mixed with random straight pieces. Basically when I let it go naturally, it isn't just one particular texture {which is really frustrating — I'd love to be able to just "wash 'n go," but that's not an option}, it's a mixture of all three textures. Also, because of that, when I flatiron my hair, any amount of humidity or moisture in the air will turn it into a big frizzball. My hair isn't really dry or oily to either extreme, but I do get blonde highlights pretty regularly, so there's a decent amount of dryness/damage just from that. It's relatively soft though, when I find the right products to use. Right products = able to tame the frizz without weighing it down or making it stiff, shampoo that cleanses without being too harsh {and smells good}. Basically "hair utopia."

Prior to trying Organix, I was using Bed Head shampoo {Moisture Maniac and Dumb Blonde}. I liked how it made my hair feel, though the scent of Dumb Blonde wasn't ideal. More importantly, it's not cheap. I'm willing to spend the money if it means something will work and I can depend on it. But, Bed Head wasn't exactly meeting all of my haircare needs. Outside of shampoo/conditioner, I use Redken for all of my styling needs — shine spray, hairspray and straightening balm. I'm not a huge fan of purchasing the more expensive products like Redken, but I've tried just about everything out there, from Aussie to Pantene to Paul Mitchell, and Redken happens to have the best products for my hair.

So knowing that it has taken the more expensive products to tame my hair and make it soft and manageable, I wasn't sure what to try for shampoo when Bed Head began disappointing me. I read a few bloggers' reviews of Organix products, and on a whim I decided to buy the Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo. It was a hard choice, as all of the Organix products had great benefits and smelled nice. But for my specific hair type and scent preference, the Coconut Milk shampoo was perfect.

{Image from organixhair.com}

First of all, I love that Organix' products are sulfate-free. I also love that the coconut scent is not overpowering in the least. I love the smell of coconut, but I've tried numerous products in the past {like Bath & Body Works' Creamy Coconut and Exotic Coconut body washes} that are just too much — they're a bit too sickly-sweet for me. But the Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo is subtle, and despite the subtlety it manages to linger throughout the day quite nicely. Most importantly, this stuff works. On my hair, at least. Right out of the shower, my hair is really soft and feels very clean. Once dry, it's shiny and less frizzy, before I use any styling products. And the bonus? It only costs $4! For something to work better than my $15 shampoos and only costs $4 — that's a big WIN in my opinion. At this rate, I think I've found my holy grail shampoo. I might try some of the other products in their line, but for now, this one is a keeper.

If anyone else has tried a product from the Organix line, let me know how it works for you!

Stay Fabulous.

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  1. I just tried this brand today for the first time. It was on sale at Walgreens - buy one, get one half off, and I figured if my hair didn't like it, I could use it to clean my makeup brushes. But wow, my hair looks softer and curlier and prettier today than it has in AGES. I'm amazed! I should try their conditioner next!