Pink Collection - Part 3

Today {Sunday} is the final day to enter the Team Pink Eye / Unique Pigments giveaway! For details on the giveaway and how to enter, visit my original post {HERE}. It's for a great cause! And don't forget to check out the Team Pink Eye Project's blog for a complete list of giveaways and participants, updated weekly through the month of October.

Without further ado, here is the final part of my Pink Eyeshadow Collection.

Shops featured in these swatches include:



*Click images to enlarge. Swatched over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Cottage Cheese.

{Photographed in natural light}

{Photographed with a flash}

{You can see the differences in these four shades more in the natural light swatch}

And this concludes my three-part Pink Collection. If anyone has recommendations for fuchsia pigments that aren't in my collection, leave a comment! Be sure to check in with the Team Pink Eye Project's blog throughout the month, and wear pink proudly!

Stay Fabulous!

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