SweetPea and Fay: A Review

I ordered a Heartsy voucher to use on Etsy for SweetPea and Fay about a month ago. I had a few eyeshadows from SweetPea and Fay {I'll refer to it as SPF now} already saved as favorites on Etsy, so picking out what to order was easy enough. The SPF shop appealed to me initially because of its clean look, nice photographs and very reasonable prices, so I was happy to see a Heartsy deal for it.

:::  THE SPECS  :::

SPF offers a nice selection of different makeup products that includes eyeshadow {5-gram size}, mineral foundation, mineral blush and tinted lip balm. Prices range from $1.99 for a set of shadow sample baggies to $10.99 for 20-gram foundation. I chose the "Pick 5" listing for five 5-gram jars of eyeshadow, along with two individual shadows, for a total of seven eyeshadows. Despite ordering during a Heartsy deal, the processing and shipping didn't take nearly as long as other sellers I've purchased Heartsy deals from. The shadows came packaged in a bubble mailer with plenty of protection, and the shadows themselves were shrink-wrapped and came with sifter seals, which was pretty nice. You can tell in the picture below of the single jar that these products arrived in pristine condition. Not a single jar had leaked through the sifter, the jars were spotless, the packaging was thoughtful — overall a very clean, high-quality experience. Each jar has a cute logo sticker on the lid and a label on the bottom with the name of the pigment and the ingredients {that's a plus!}.

:::  THE PICTURES  :::

*All pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them*
I'm still trying to find the best way to swatch colors and present them in an organized way, so each review I do may be somewhat different from the last until I find an ideal "formula" for my pics and posts. :}

:::  THE PRODUCTS  :::

I purchased 5-gram jars of the following colors:

Planet 426 — Shimmering brown with a pink sheen.
UFO Sightings — Plum-like purple with color-shifting glitter.
Redonkulous — Deep shimmering lavender.
Super Duper — Satin teal with a blue sheen.
Shibalba — Yellow-toned shimmering gold.
93 Phobias — Metallic beige/sand with a subtle purple shift.
Crystal Meth — Sparkling white.

:::  THE OPINIONS  :::

SweetPea and Fay ended up exceeding my expectations. While the Etsy shop looked well-organized and clean, you just never know what you'll get when the products arrive. Thankfully the SPF eyeshadows were stellar in both their presentation and their actual performance. I've worn a few of them already, and when paired with Urban Decay Primer Potion, these pigments prove that they have true staying power. Planet 426 and UFO Sightings do look quite similar from afar, though the complexity and uniqueness of each can be noted when up close. My favorite of the entire bunch is Redonkulous, which I predicted would be my favorite before I got it. It's just that "different" color that caught my eye and seems to complement a lot of different looks. In the end, I certainly recommend SweetPea and Fay. :}

Stay Fabulous!

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