Shop of the Week: Lil' Bundle of Joy

This would normally be a Monday post, but as with everything else in my life, I'm too busy to care about smaller details like that. *smile*

:::  LIL' BUNDLE OF JOY  :::

I discovered Lil' Bundle of Joy when they were featured as a special deal on Heartsy. I happen to adore owls — more specifically, owls with huge cartoon eyes {real-life owls, on the other hand, creep me out}. So the first product I saw featured on their Heartsy deal page was a colorful, owl-patterned-and-embellished burp cloth — obviously for babies {though who am I to judge if someone has other uses for them}, but that's okay. Someday I'll have a baby to spoil with these cute items. I can admire them as much as I want, thank you. *smile*

Photo from Lil' Bundle of Joy's Etsy Shop

Photo from Lil' Bundle of Joy's Etsy Shop

The hard part for me in regards to buying things like this is the fact that I have such talented aunts in my family who can whip up the same things, at little or no cost to me — and they'll mean that much more coming from family. However, if I were to seek out anything owl-related for a baby shower gift or for my future self, and didn't have such a talented family, Lil' Bundle of Joy would absolutely be my first stop.

They have a number of cute owl-themed items, including burp cloths, blankets, rattle toys, crinkle-tab toys, etc. The prices are reasonable, considering they're handmade and embroidered. But most of all... they're adorable! I love the patterns they use as backgrounds, and the whole look of the product line overall. I'll definitely be keeping this shop in mind for gift-giving purposes or simply to use as inspiration for pieces my aunts can make. If you're in the market for baby items, give Lil' Bundle of Joy a try!

Stay Fabulous!

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