Heavenly Naturals: A Review

I've been very interested in mineral/organic makeup ever since I discovered all of the unique and talented shop owners selling their handcrafted products on Etsy. My collection started with Orglamix, and has evolved into a plethora of different sellers' products from Etsy and beyond. I also started following a number of bloggers and beauty pages on Facebook, like Beauty by Charlie and Phyrra. They present a variety of different makeup suggestions, which I've taken advantage of many times. One seller I came across was Heavenly Naturals Pure Mineral Makeup. I read a few reviews and was intrigued by their selection, so I ordered seven different mineral shadows to try out, ranging from a shimmering white to deep smokey silver.

Heavenly Naturals

The shadows above came packaged in a normal bubble mailer, accompanied by a few business cards (which are great for referring friends and cultivating new customers), along with a free sample of Rare Beauty mineral shadow. Each color has a distinct quality about it that sets it apart from the rest, and all of the pigments wear really well with a smooth finish. Any color with shimmer or glitter in it looks the best when stippled onto the lids instead of swiping it across, which allows the pigments to stick and not fall off, and gives the color a more rich look versus a sheer tint.

As for how each color works...
Lovely Lady is a shimmering white color with some sparkle, but not too much. When I use it, it's usually as a highlighter under my brow bone and at the corners of my eyes, which really widens and brightens my eyes.
Honesty is the next color, and while it looks just like Lovely Lady, it's more of a pearly white with slightly more depth to it. I use Honesty as a highlighter as well.
Soulful is a fantastic gold/bronze color with shimmer and light glitter. It looks great on just about anyone, and especially brings out blue and hazel eye colors by offering a contrasting tone. I usually wear it as an accent color layered on top of a neutral like taupe or off-white.
Courtship is part of Heavenly Naturals' Peacock Collection, which includes a group of jewel-tones shades that complement each other quite well. Courtship uses a black base (all of the Peacock colors start with a black base) with dark brown secondary tones and a warm rose shimmer. All of the different facets of this color combine to create a unique look from different angles, depending on the light (usually referred to as a "duochrome" effect).
Charmed is an antique-looking silver color with a deeper, richer color than other metallic or bright silver shades. I often use colors like this foiled as eyeliner, unless I'm creating a nighttime look and want a smoky effect.
Twilight is another Peacock color that uses a black base and lovely jewel-toned pigments. Twilight uses a deep gray/silver layered with shimmery midnight blue for just a touch of color and depth. It looks very nice as a liner as well.
Fate is one of my favorites from Heavenly Naturals. It's made with a black base and given a soft forest green sheen, with just the slightest amount of blue glitter to give it some added depth that's relatively undetectable when it's on.
I was also sent the sample of Rare Beauty, but I haven't worn it. I don't wear many matte colors (I just find them boring I guess), and this pink color wears more matte than it does shimmery. I tend to stay away from darker pinks altogether, as I think they make my eyes look bloodshot and tired, unless I use it as a subtle liner. I think fuchsia and magenta colors look better on brunettes than on blondes.
Has anyone else tried darker pink colors and observed similar results? Or do you have a good method of mixing darker pinks into your routine?

Here's a picture of the color swatches. I used them as-is, without any primer underneath or base color.

In regards to the technical details, I paid $2.25 per jar of eyeshadow pigment. They're considered sample jars, but when you have as many eyeshadows as I do, it takes a long time to get through a single color, so a sample will last me a few months or more. You get 1/4-teaspoon of shadow in a 3-gram jar. Shipping was only $4.95 and it was very quick — it only took about a day or two to process my order, and then about 3 days for shipping. I spent $27.70 total on 10 sample jars (three of them went to my mom) and shipping. You can get the full-size jars for $6.49 each, which includes 1.5-grams of product in a 5-gram jar. My recommendation is to buy sample jars when you can (some sellers only sell samples in baggies, which holds less product and isn't as convenient to use). Samples give you the chance to try out any colors you want without committing to a full-size jar that could potentially be wasted if you don't like it. It's something I wish I would have considered when I first started buying mineral shadows, as I ended up giving away a handful of colors that didn't work well with my skin tone. Some sellers offer decent return policies, but usually not on samples. So if you're just looking for new colors to try out or a new seller to purchase from, I would suggest buying the samples to start out and then buy full-size jars of the colors you really like. Overall the pigments from Heavenly Naturals were easy to work with and had a nice color payoff. I wouldn't consider this my favorite brand to use — it's a good brand but not extraordinary, and the colors aren't completely unique compared to other brands' offerings. But I did like the way it looked, which is what matters the most. I couldn't give these a higher rating, because compared to a few other brands I've tried, this wasn't my favorite (but wasn't bad by any means).

My official rating for Heavenly Naturals Mineral Eyeshadow Pigments:

Stay Fabulous!

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