Adele: The Cure for a Bad Day

It's no secret. Today was a terrible day. Have you ever experienced those days when everything starts off on the wrong foot from the time you wake up, and continues until the time you go to bed? Example: Wake up with a headache. Proceed to get out of bed and stub your toe. Numerous other "bad" things throughout the day. End the day with slamming your finger in the car door.
Nothing. goes. right.
Does it even pay to try to have a good day when it starts out like that, or is it best to accept it and try to get through it with the least amount of bumps and bruises as possible?
I don't know. But that was my day today. Utterly terrible. I wish this was just me being dramatic. But... not this time. :]

When I have days like this, I retreat into the playlists on my iPod. I've got music for every mood, every occasion and every time of the day. I'm proud of my eclectic collection of music — from the Beatles to Aerosmith and Jay-Z to Miles Davis. Today I needed something to make me feel better, and also something that would take me away from reality for a while. Music I could get lost in, and even forget that I was at work, in a small office with ridiculous climate control problems. Not all music can do this. But Adele does.

Picture from sweetslyrics.com

Adele is simply fabulous, and I am quite surprised she's not as popular in the US as she is in the UK {yes, she's famous here, but not to the extent that she is in the UK}. No one can sing like she can — her music is full of depth and emotion and beauty that remains incomparable — at least in my opinion. There have been some great singers in the past, but Adele is one of the best contemporary/modern singers out there. I would characterize her voice and music as a mix between Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey {like her or not, her voice is ah-mazing... it can cover six octaves!}, plus a little Etta James and David Gray thrown in there {David Gray for his songwriting abilities}. Not only that, but her voice and her music is timeless. It's classy, soulful and tells a great story through the thought-provoking lyrics. Lyrics that people can relate to, but they're not all "he broke my heart but I'm strong and moving on" type of songs, so they're a breath of fresh air among other musicians these days. I love singing along with her songs in my car, at the top of my lungs, without a care in the world. And on a day like today, the "not a care in the world" feeling was absolutely necessary. If you haven't checked out her music, just do it. Do it.

You can preview and buy her music HERE.

Stay Fabulous!

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