The Shopping Round-Up - Part One

I seem to buy a few non-everyday items {ie: things other than food, toilet paper, etc - usually unnecessary items} at least once a week, so I thought I'd do a recap of my weekly haul. May not be every week, but when there's something worth mentioning, it's easier to do it all in one post instead of every time I buy something. After a few weeks I'll do a follow-up to reflect on whether I like everything I bought or suddenly feel buyer's remorse. Let's hope it's always the former.

After writing out a list of things I bought this past week {April 3rd - April 10th}, I can't believe how much I purchased without breaking the bank. So much, in fact, that I'll have to break it up into two separate posts so it's not dreadfully long. I found some great deals throughout the week!

My favorite item by far {though I haven't received it yet} is a shiny black ruched jersey dress I ordered from Victoria's Secret. I spent a lot of time shopping on numerous websites for a cute dress that I can wear to an upcoming wedding in June. It had to be versatile enough to go from day to night, and also had to hide the areas that I feel need to be hidden/camouflaged. Yes, I'm insecure about things just like everyone else. Anyway, I found everything I was looking for, and more, when I found this dress at Vickie's. Bonus #1: It was originally $80 and I got it for only $30. STEAL! I had been eyeing up this dress for some time, and I had to grab it while my size was still available. Bonus #2: I think it's going to fit beautifully and hide everything that I was hoping it would – and because it's black, it's automatically slimming. WIN! Now I can't wait to get it in the mail – which leads me to the only thumbs-down for this order: Vickie's has a habit of taking an unusually long time to ship items via standard ground shipping, even though other stores that are located on the other side of the country manage to get packages to me in less than a week. So, here it is:

Pictured in gray (mine is black) from victoriassecret.com
What do you think? Assuming that not everyone who is reading this {or will eventually read it} knows my body type, I'll simply say I don't look anything like the model in the picture. :} But the ruching on the front and the longer length is perfect for hiding any and all flaws, all while looking super cute.
I also bought a few things in the local Victoria's Secret store, using my Reward Card to cash in on a $10 discount. I bought this Brewers shirt, which I can't wait to wear to a game this season:

Picture from victoriassecret.com
Go Brew Crew! I might go back for a Brewers hat and hoodie at some point.

::: GO JANE :::
GoJane.com is another place I spent money last week, picking up two pairs of heels: a suede pointed-toe pump and a suede peep-toe pump {both pictured below}. I made sure the heel height isn't 5.5" this time {I bought a pair of blush patent stilettos a few months ago, and didn't pay attention to the heel height of 5.5" – they're barely even wearable, as the heel sits far too high in relation to the toe area. It's like walking around in pointe ballet shoes, up on the tips of your toes – and that's not very cute}. The two pairs that I bought this time are only 4.5" in height, which makes a huge difference in the world of heels. I've already picked out some outfits to wear with them. :}

Black Pointed-Toe Pumps {image from gojane.com}

Nude Peep-Toe Pumps {image from gojane.com}

I also purchased the Volcom Marina Dress {eastbay.com}, which is a crinkle-gauze dress that will be perfect for a beach cover-up or worn as a summery layered outfit.

Image from Eastbay.com

And I also bought the Billabong Jaden Jacket {ccs.com}, which is a zip-up, toggle-front jacket that's a bit thicker than I expected it to be {not like a normal spring jacket}, but it's not thick enough to wear in the winter either – so it's perfect for the in-between temps that we've had the past few days {in fact I wore it yesterday, in 45-degree weather, and it was just fine}.

Image from CCS.com

That's it for clothing! {"That's it" -- ha!}
Tomorrow I'll post the other non-clothing items I bought.

Stay Fabulous!

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