Being Frugal in a Time of Fabulousness

I love fashion. I love beauty products. I love shopping for anything and everything {except groceries}. I love luxury. I love glamour, glitz and all things alluring. I love trendwatching. I love to indulge.
And I don't just love these things – I LOVE to love them. Unapologetically. Shamelessly.

Unfortunately, I often have to love these things from afar – it's one of the consequences of being frugal in a time of fabulousness.

I'm not rich {big shocker there} – at least not in the financial sense. I have plenty of bills, rent, utilities and credit cards to pay, and it all adds up. But I'm not ashamed of having to live well within my means and stick to a budget – it has taught me to genuinely appreciate all of the nice things I do own, as well as the importance of donating things to those in need. One of my shopping rules is that for every article of clothing or pair of shoes that I buy, I have to give away something I don't wear/use anymore. And for this, consignment shops are fantastic – making money off of the things I no longer need helps me rationalize more shopping. :]

My main reason for this random post is to give a little background into my shopping habits and interest in the fashion/beauty world, especially how a person could {love} and appreciate luxury fashion and expensive items without actually owning such things {not many, at least}. To sum it up: I may not have the money to buy all of the lovely things that I want, but I have an appreciation for well-crafted, elegant and timeless items nonetheless. And this is my challenge: to live in a world with such fabulous things while attempting to be frugal. And let's be honest: things get more and more fabulous by the day.

Indeed, I love to talk about fashion, beauty, designers, thousand-dollar stilettos – I may not be able to afford to live the life of luxury right now, but I have high hopes and many dreams for the future. Keeping up-to-date, knowledgeable and appreciative of the finer things in life offers simple motivation to work hard and save, save, save. Obviously I love a bargain just as much as the next gal {I even depend on them}, and will often talk about style steals and bargain beauty buys, among other things...but my economical perspective will never change my interest in this big, beautiful world of fabulousness. Go ahead – dive in!

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