MAC Plushglass: Ample Pink

Good Afternoon!

Today I wanted to do a special little "spotlight" post about one of my favorite lip glosses, MAC Plushglass in Ample Pink. I got it back before MAC changed their cruelty-free position, and I am currently looking for a good indie/cruelty-free dupe. I was given the suggestion for Ample Pink by Mandy from PrettyMaking {again, this was when MAC was still cruelty-free}when searching for a lip gloss that had a color that was "my lips but better." This certainly hit the mark! :}

{My kisser}

I regret not taking a "before" picture of my lips. Basically, this lip gloss evened out the overall color/tone of my lips, added a lovely shine and really looks like "my lips but better." The staying power is pretty great as well - I usually wear it over a primer-type product, but even on its own it lasts for a few hours. As I mentioned above, I'm looking for a great indie dupe for this, so leave a comment with any suggestions you might have!

Stay Fabulous!


  1. I love MAC however since they went to China I have decided not to buy.

    I still use my lipsticks that I have as they both infact were gifts. I won't buy MAC now though unless they come back to the nice side haha :)

    Great post!

    Amy xx

    1. Thanks so much! I've been using the few MAC items I do have, but I won't buy any new products now for the same reasons that you mentioned. :( Just started following your blog - very nice!

  2. I don't have a suggestion for an indie dupe, sorry, I just wanted to comment and say that I've been looking through your blog and I love it!

    1. Thank you so much for the comment! :}