Past, Present and Future

I should have written this post over two weeks ago, but as everyone knows, things come up. So this has three unrelated topics consolidated into one post, starting with events that happened over Christmas, then an overview of product reviews that I'm currently working on, and finally some fun for the future!

:::  CHRISTMAS 2011  :::

My holidays were spent with family, and it was very relaxing. I had a four-day weekend over Christmas, and my parents and brother made the 180-mile drive from my hometown to where I currently live {which also happens to be closer to the extended family}. We all congregated at my grandma's house on Christmas Eve — all 40-some of us — and just enjoyed being together, eating food and watching the little kids open up presents. My brother, who is a lawyer, had to work the day after Christmas, so unfortunately our family time was cut short as he had to drive back right away. But I'd say Christmas was an all-around success. Side note: I am truly jealous of anyone who is able to see their family and friends on a regular basis {especially on a whim} — don't take it for granted! Some people will never know how hard it is to live hours away from parents/siblings/friends. I try to make the trip as often as I can, because it's important to me, but sometimes it's nice when others make the trip, you know? "The highways go both ways" as my mom says. But, alas, this is nothing new, and I should be used to feeling like this. *le sigh*

Anyway, I received some great gifts from my family and had to share some pictures:

{Charm necklace from my cousin Holly. Love the owl!}
{Looks really nice when it's on}
{Colorful glazed ornament that I could stare at forever, also from my cousin.}
{A gift from my brother - Willow Trees are one of the few things I collect}
{Smallville FTW!}
{Sewing machine from my parents. No idea how to use it.}

I also received some Kindle gift cards, a new wireless printer from my brother, a few Wii games, a robe and other goodies from my Secret Santa. Definitely not intending to brag — I've read other bloggers' posts about their Christmas gifts, and love to see what other people get! I know I'm very blessed and am quite grateful for everything I have.


I have a lot of reviews and swatches and stories ready to be written, all sitting in my queue and waiting for the inspiration to strike. Coming relatively soon: Love Hues Review/Swatches, Geek Chic Review/Swatches, Darling Girl part 2 and 3, Persephone part 2, Black Rose Minerals part 3, Meow Cosmetics Review/Swatches, Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Review/Swatches, Silk Naturals Climax Blush Review, My Pretty Zombie part 2, Detrivore Review/Swatches, Evil Shades Review/Swatches, Victorian Disco Review/Swatches and Zoya Review.
Whew. I'm actually really excited about each of these reviews, as I've found so many good indie companies to support!

:::  GIVEAWAY  :::

Yep, that's right! Plans are in the works for a sweet giveaway! I'll have all of the details ready in a follow-up post in the next few days. I'm still debating whether to do it with or without any "follower" requirements, as I'd love for more people to read my posts. But with all of the different blog "feed" programs out there, from GFC to Bloglovin' to simple RSS feeds, I don't know that I'd get an accurate number anyway. But spread the word, and stay tuned for more information!

Stay Fabulous!

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