I Want Wednesday

My very first post on my new blog happens to fall on "I Want Wednesday." Every Wednesday the theme of my post(s) will involve something I want. Whether it's an attainable object or just a really cool "dream" item, Wednesdays will be reserved for these special finds. I may post additional "wants" on other days, but it sounds better to say "I Want Wednesday."

Other themes to look for on my blog: "Movie Monday" and "Photo Friday." I think those are self-explanatory. What happens on the other days in between will depend on how busy I am...and whether there is something fabulous to talk about. I don't want to feel obligated to blog; on the contrary, I want to write when I feel like I have something to write about - not something contrived. So if I go a few days in between posts, that means I haven't been inspired lately.

The point of my blog? To write about my opinion, of course. I can say whatever I want and people can either read it...or not. That's the beauty of a blog! Obviously I hope to gather followers and other contributors along the way to keep things fresh, send me new ideas, etc. So I'll make my opinion as user-friendly as possible. :}
So, to begin with my very first post on I WANT WEDNESDAY:

I came across this on neatorama.com and thought it was super cute (though somewhat impractical):

It's a mini camper! At first it looks like it could be motorized, but it's actually a pedaled contraption with handlebars inside as the steering wheel. But how cool is that! Room for storage, a shelf for your laptop, and even cooking space! Yes, it's impractical, but I'd want it just to say I have it.

There are certainly some unique, thoughtful, creative people out there - ideas like this never cease to amaze me in regards to what people are capable of.
Additional note: you can view more pictures and a description from the designer HERE.

Stay fabulous.

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